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Urodziny Szczepana (a.k.a Drugs Bust Party)



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"No no nonono. You silly little humans. Missing the point again, it would seem. You have a bad habit of that. And I mean really bad. Like a cross-country roadtrip and a wrong turn at Albuquerque kind of bad.”

"We’re already in your ‘ordinary’ world, bleeding through your televisions, your computers, your mobile phones. And there’s a reason I don’t like when my companions take those blasted things around everywhere. Too busy staring at Twitter to realize the wonderful things around them. I give you all of time and space and all you want to do is blog about it.”

"The entire point of the glimpse you’re supposed to have into ‘our’ world is to try and show you how the mundane can be amazing. How your history has shaped the world you have today. To show you how far you ‘ordinary’ humans have come along through time. How the science and literature and mathematics and creative endeavors and all of those other things you’re good at can push you further ahead into advancements that you can achieve. YOU.”

"You and your world are far from ‘ordinary.’ If only you’d pull away from what should be a glimpse and an inspiration and just look around you to appreciate it.”

"Stop running away from all of these amazing things. Run to them.”

"Run to them while you can, before they flare and fade forever.”


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